Mirroring and Striping


Stripping and Mirroring, are the terms used in RAID technology.

When you use striping to write data to the hard disk drives in a RAID array, you divide the data and stores each parts on different drives. RAID Level 0 is the example of it.

When you use mirroring to write data to the hard disk drives in a RAID array, you copied the same data on different drives. RAID Level 1 is the example of it.

RAID 0 arrays uses striping. Smallest the strips greatest the processing performance. But in striping failure of one disk means all data gets corrupted. But we can use mirroring with striping to boost up the performance.

Striping is useful when a processing device requests data more quickly than a single storage device can provide it.

Mirroring makes the data safe. In case of disk failure same data can be recovered from the another disk, but it’s not possible in case of the striping.

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