File service architecture


It is architecture that offers a clear separation of the main concern and provide access to the file by using file services . 

Three basic components

1. Flat file service :- It is concern with implementing operation of the file for the service unique file identifiers  are used unique file identifiers are the long sequence of the bits each file has unique file identifiers that is unique among all of these file in a distributed system .when flat file services receives a request is create a file, it create new for it.

2. Directory file service :- directory service use mapping that mean for file and unique file identifiers the directory service provide the function required to generate directories, to add new files names to directories and to obtain unique file identifiers from directories.

3. Client module :- A client module runs in each client computer ,it uses flat file service and directory service for accessing the client module also holds information about network location of the flat file server and director server processes. At last, module can play a vital role in achieving satisfactory performance.

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