Data flow mechanism


  • In data flow mechanism, the running of an instruction is determined by data availability instead of being guided by program counter.
  • In theory any instruction should be ready for execution whenever operands become available.
  • The instructions in data driven program are not ordered in any way.
  • Instead of being stored in shared memory, data are directly held inside instructions.
  • Computational results are passed directly between instructions.
  • The data generated by instruction will be duplicated into many copies and forwarded directly to all needy instructions.
  • This data driven scheme requires no shared memory, no program counter and no control sequencer.

However it requires special method to detect data availability, to match data tokens with needy instructions and to enable the chain reaction of asynchronous instructions execution. 


There are mainly two sort of computers. Data flow computers are connectional computer based on Von Neumann machine. It carry out instructions under program flow control whereas control flow computer, executes instructions under availability of data.  

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