Influences on Language Design

  1. Computer Architecture
  2. Programming Methodologies
  3. Virtual Machine

1. Computer Architecture:

Computer architecture in based on Von Neumann Architecture.

A programming language is also affected by the architecture of computer.

But how ?

This is the question will see here. When we deploy/run a programs it reside in a memory and executed by the CPU. There are registers like program counter, instruction register etc. Each instruction going from memory to CPU is decided by program counter.

And program counter get instruction info from instruction register.

In this a way a program developed in languages passes trough this kind of cycle. Which affect the execution time of the language.

If system is multi user it will consume lot of time.

2. Programming Methodologies:

  • Structured programming: This programming methodology also called top own design and step wise refinement. Its deficiency was incompleteness of type checking and inadequacy of control statements, which requires extensive use of go to statements. Ex. C.
  • Data oriented programming: It focuses on data oriented methods emphasize data design, focusing on the use of abstract data types to solve the problem. Ex. Simula.
  • Procedure oriented programming: It is the opposite of data oriented programming. Ex. C#.
  • Object oriented programming: It gives support for Data abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism. Ex. C++.

3. Virtual Machine: 

Virtual machines are software’s on which other software’s can be executed as they are executing on a physical machine.

There are two types of virtual machine:

  1. Application/ process virtual machine.
  2. System/hardware virtual machine.

1. Application/process virtual machine: In this we can take example of JVM. Because of JVM, Java is a platform independent language.

2. System/hardware virtual machine: In this we can take example of Virtual Box. Which gives as ability to run multiple of operating systems on a single physical machine. Here operating system is also a programming language which should be supported by Virtual Box.

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Viva Vice Q & A:

Q1. which factors influence the language?
Ans: virtual machine, comp. architecture, user, programming methodology, etc.

Q2. Program which interprets each line of high level program at time of execution is called?
Ans: Interpreter.

Q3. Program which interprets whole para of high level program at time of execution is called?
Ans: Compiler.

Q4. During the execution of the instructions, a copy of the instructions is placed in which part?
Ans: Cache.

Q5. Functions that are used in programs and are defined by programmers are called.
Ans:  User-defined functions.

Q6. The internal Components of the processor are connected by?
Ans: Bus.

Q7. Set of data whose items are organized together is classified as…..
Ans: data structure.

Q8. The __ format is usually used to store data.
Ans: BCD.

Q9. To reduce the memory access time we generally make use of ?
Ans: Cache.

Q10. The computer’s own binary-based language is also known as?
Ans: Machine language.

Q11. Write example of “third generation” programming languages (3GL) ?

Q12. What is the common property of logic programming languages and functional languages is?
Ans: Both are declarative.

Q13. Programming language ‘FORTRAN’ stands for
Ans:   formula translator

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